Original equipment bulbs are part of a quality service for your customers

Making sure your customers are happy after a visit to your workshop or garage is an essential part of your business. By offering an excellent service and using top quality OE parts, you will help guarantee they’ll return or recommend you to other potential customers.

Many bulb replacements have become quite technical and the customer is more likely than ever to rely on you to fit the bulb for them. Bulb fitting and replacement is often a complex job and it makes sense to use a quality OE product when replacing bulbs in a vehicle, especially for applications that require considerable labour time.

Recent information released by the DVLA shows that ‘lighting and signaling’ is still the top reason for vehicles in the class 3 and class 4 vehicle category to fail their MoT.

Fitting OE quality bulbs can greatly reduce failures and retesting costs. They last longer and the beam pattern in the halogen bulbs is perfectly aligned thanks to precision manufacturing, meaning less headlamp adjustment required on MoT tests.

For garages and workshops there is a large profit potential by offering genuine OE quality bulbs. You can increase this if you also offer customers the opportunity to upgrade their bulbs to one of the many upgrade bulbs available offering increased or alternative lighting performance.

Like for like OE replacement bulbs are a good starting point but there are many road legal, ECE approved, MoT compliant upgrade alternatives within the Osram range. For example, a customer may not know that improved performance or whiter light is available for their vehicle simply by changing the bulbs.

As well as a longer service life, Osram OE bulbs offer a high quality performance during their lifetime with perfect geometry to maximize light output. There are many reasons why lower cost aftermarket bulbs do not last as long as their OE counterparts:

  • Poor gas filling and sealing of the bulb can lead to a ‘blackening’ effect on the glass.
  • Use of cheaper materials such as the filament or electrical contacts can lead to early failures.
  • Some amber bulb types have been coated in lacquer which can peel off or fade giving an incorrect light output.

Osram bulbs will not do this.


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