PU 9005 Z – The Ultimate in Diesel / Water Separation

For the Super Popular Vauxhall Astra


Even high-quality diesel fuel may contain traces of water originating either from moist air entering the fuel tank filler neck or breather, or from condensation from filling station bulk tanks. Therefore, advanced common rail diesel injection systems with pressures of up to 2,500 bar have extremely high requirements in terms of fuel purity.


The innovative three-stage MANN-FILTER PU 9005 z fuel filter achieves consistently high water separation efficiency of over 90 percent.


  1. The filter media reliably removes solid dirt particles from the diesel fuel.
  2. A coalescer fleece retains even the finest water droplets from the fuel/water emulsion creating much larger drops.
  3. A hydrophobic sieve ensures that the enlarged drops do not enter the injection system.

Gravity causes the separated water to collect in a water collection chamber in the filter module. A sensor signals as soon as the water needs to be manually drained or siphoned.


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