Revolutionise Your Ride with Polybush

With the current state of the roads suspension systems are being given a harder time than ever, so when it comes to changing bushes Polybush look to offer you the best parts you can fit.

With over 34 years of both O.E. and aftermarket experience, Polybush are able to offer The Parts Alliance customers access to our full range of bushes. We also work closely with The Parts Alliance to identify new applications that can save you time and money.

Polybush is a cost-effective, ‘fit and forget’ solution which far outlasts the life of rubber bushes, and the good news is there are no profit-eroding tools required to fit them. As an added extra Polybush parts are completely unaffected by oil, petrol or road contaminants.

A Profitable Market

Suspension bush replacement is a profitable market. Polybush are easy to fit and require no special tools, reducing labour time for the garage whilst offering the customer the best solution. Any slight increase in cost to the garage or customer is far outweighed by the long-term cost-saving benefits. Polybush parts are available in vehicle kits to allow full bush replacements or as component sets used as replacements due to MOT failures, the choice is yours.

Ideal Solution

A common bush failure is the front wishbone rear bush on the popular VW PQ35 platform. Polybush has the ideal solution. Unlike the original voided rubber bush our 44M requires no specialist tool to fit, reducing labour time from minutes to seconds. Our 2 part, low friction bush rotates freely with no grease required. In action, the bush lasts 4-5 times longer whilst reducing understeer thus improving handling.

How do they work?

Traditional rubber bushes degrade over a period of time and compression set slowly reduces the vehicles handling and performance and reduces the tyre life as the suspension alignment changes. Using high grade polyurethane Polybush is able to offer a bush that retains its shape again and again. The result – no compression set and perfect suspension alignment.

See the difference: A Polybush after 9 months compared to a rubber bush after 9 months.


Rear Beam Bush

Rear beam bushes also give many garages a real challenge, with disgruntled customers being required to replace these bushes time and time again.

A popular choice for FWD cars across the market and with only 2 points of attachment to the chassis the bushes act as pivot points reacting against all the loads from the rear of the car. The original rubber bush quickly forms a compression set, misaligning the rear wheel geometry resulting in poor handling as the beam is out of its optimum alignment and grip is lost. With some O.E. manufacturers not offering replacement bushes a new beam can be a very expensive outlay; with Polybush you just replace the bush.

Polybush designed a voided top hat bush to reduce deflection that has excellent vibration adsorption qualities and a natural ability to internally damp high frequency vibration created by rough road surfaces and potholes. The voided section of the bush reduces noise and vibration. The bush is extremely easy to install as it provides a lead in into the beam bore.

The result as always with Polybush – reduced labour costs, greater longevity, improved handling and reduced tyre wear.

Scrubbed Tyres?

The rear lower toe control arm across the VAG PQ 35 platform is fitted with a metalastic style bush that as it wears allows excess lateral movement which causes toe-in during braking and cornering and toe-out during acceleration, both resulting in tyre scrub. Polybush increased the surface area of the bush to reduce the lateral movement. With no press required, the easy fit, two piece bushes reduce labour time and the cost of tyre replacement.

All Polybush parts are designed with the car in mind; from simple top hat bushes to complex voided bushes we let the car do the designing. Our design team work hard to ensure that the bushes not only provide the optimum solution for the customer they offer an easy to fit cost effective solution for the garage.

Designed to save you time and money – 7 Reasons to fit Polybush.

  1. Improved revenue
  2. Reduced fitment time
  3. No special tools required
  4. Reduced tyre wear
  5. Greater longevity
  6. Improved braking and handling
  7. Customer satisfaction

Full easy to read range lists and diagrams to assist in your suspension bush selection are available through your local Parts Alliance branch.


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