VRM Search added to Lesjöfors’ Mobile Catalogue App

Lesjöfors’ free catalogue app now includes VRM look-up, making it even easier to find the right spring for any vehicle.

Built using extensive catalogue and cross reference data, the Lesjöfors app offers motor trade professionals a variety of powerful features, including:

VRM Search (available for all British and Irish vehicles) – simply enter a registration number to find every spring suitable for the vehicle. Search results include all coil springs, gas springs, leaf springs, and sports lowering springs.

Search via Part Number – enter any Lesjöfors number to find a wealth of useful information, including linked vehicles, product photos, and relevant OE information.

Cross Reference – use the Search function to find Lesjöfors alternatives of original equipment (OE) or competitor springs – just enter the part number to find the Lesjöfors equivalent.

Search via vehicle – select the make and model to view all Lesjöfors springs available for a specific vehicle.

Barcode Scanner – Scan the barcode on any Lesjöfors box label for full details of the spring within, including any associated technical bulletins.

Locations – find your nearest Lesjöfors office and all relevant contact details.

The Lesjöfors Automotive app is fast, intuitive, and easy to use, making it the ideal solution for motor factors, garages, and workshops.

Use the links below to download to try it free today on all iOS and Android devices.

App Store
App Store
Play Store
Google Play


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