DVSA to stop issuing new MOT security cards from mid-February

New smartphone app will generate six-digit code each time a user signs into the MOT testing service

The DVSA is to stop issuing new and replacement MOT security cards from mid-February when they will be replaced with a new smartphone app in a bid to further improve MOT security.

The new app will generate a six-digit code which will allows access to the MOT testing service with a single authentication a day.

Chris Price, head of MOT policy at the DVSA said: “From mid-February 2021, you will be able to log into MTS using an authentication app on your smartphone.

“Once the app is set up, you only need to authenticate once a day, which will make it easier to access MTS.

“The system will remember certain details when the authentication takes place.

“If any of these change, the system prompts you to authenticate again, much like a bank does.

“So, if you change site location, such as visiting another garage, the system will prompt you to authenticate again.”

Users will still be able to sign in via email or by using their existing security card, as long as the card is still working.

Once a user sets up the app it will replace their security card and will only be able to login via the app or through their email.

Chris added: “Only having to authenticate once a day using the app or email will make accessing MTS quicker.

“Plus, new users won’t have to wait for a card before they can access the service.

“When we spoke to testers about the changes, over half of them told us their preferred security method is to use an app.”

Users will be prompted to download and install the new authentication app from mid-February.

Automotive consultancy, Fourmative has welcomed the “long-anticipated update”.

A Fourmative spokesperson said: “Fourmative receive calls every week about lost or damaged security cards.

“This presents significant issue for testers, even with the use of questions to access MOT system, add to this the frustration of entering a new code every time they access the system if it has timed-out.”

MOT security cards were rolled out in 2016 to replace a PIN system.

Many testers raised early concerns about the cards with predictions of card failure and loss.


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