More than 100M Monroe shock absorbers produced every year

Brand is OE choice to one in every five new passenger vehicles

Monroe, part of DRiVTM Incorporated, a Tenneco business and a leading global aftermarket and OE ride performance supplier, is one of the world’s most trusted sources of suspension technologies for virtually all vehicles in all segments.

Each year, millions of new passenger vehicles, commercial trucks, buses and other equipment are factory-equipped with the latest Monroe Original Equipment Solutions and leading-edge electronic suspension technologies from Monroe Intelligent Suspension and Öhlins Racing portfolios.

In 1929, Monroe invented the double-action shock.

In 1932, the brand revolutionized the industry by creating the first successful direct-acting shock absorber, the forerunner of virtually every design now in use.

Today, one of every five new passenger vehicles are factory-equipped with Monroe technology.

In addition, Monroe shock absorbers and other ride performance products are available for the aftermarket via a vast global network of replacement parts distributors and service providers who help maintain and restore vehicle safety, reliability and performance.

To ensure that these aftermarket professionals have the expertise to diagnose and repair the latest ride performance systems, DRiV and Monroe offer comprehensive, highly accessible technical support and training through the award winning Garage Gurus technical education program.

In 2019, Monroe manufactured more than 100 million original equipment (OE) and aftermarket shock absorbers.

That’s more than 8.5 million shock absorbers monthly and two million shock absorbers weekly.

Every day, worldwide, an estimated 800 million kilometers are driven on Monroe shocks, for both OE and aftermarket.

For more than a century, Monroe has continually revolutionized ride and handling performance for global vehicle manufactures, repair professionals and consumers.

Monroe is now doing it again with Monroe Intelligent Suspension RideSense.

Vehicle suspensions are becoming more sophisticated each model year.

One leading trend is the adoption of highly advanced electronic suspensions which continually sense and respond to changes in the driving environment.

To support customers whose vehicles are equipped with one of these adaptive suspensions, Monroe offers innovative, exact-replacement Monroe Intelligent Suspension RideSense electronic shock absorbers for the aftermarket.

These ‘plug-and-play’ units are identical to the electronic shocks installed as original equipment on many popular vehicle models, so consumers can count on like-new ride and handling performance following the repair.

In addition to complete suspension solutions and dampers, DRiV is a pioneer in Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) Performance Materials and Braking solutions engineered to deliver a superior driving experience.

This broad expertise helps DRiV engineers rapidly respond to the emerging demands of next-generation battery-electric, internal combustion engines (ICE) and autonomous vehicles.

At Monroe, every vehicle model is engineered to provide a unique ride and handling experience.

Monroe OE shock engineers meet these requirements by designing innovative, high-quality shocks for each corresponding model.

This same approach can be seen in the Monroe aftermarket range, where each shock absorber is designed and tuned to provide a truly OE-style ride.

For more than a century, this approach has helped make Monroe a leading choice among vehicle manufacturers, mechanics and – above all – drivers worldwide.

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