Plug and play Monroe adaptive suspension repair solutions explained

Continuously variable semi-active suspension offers varying driving modes on-demand

Adaptive, or semi-active, suspensions have become a popular choice of millions of vehicle buyers.

Unlike passive suspensions, which utilize passive shock absorbers and springs to control suspension movement, adaptive suspensions feature electronic dampers that adjust a vehicle’s ride and handling characteristics based on driver preference and changes in the driving environment.

Many popular passenger vehicle brands – Audi, BMW, Ford, Infiniti, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Renault, Seat, Skoda, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Volvo – offer models equipped with adaptive suspensions from the Monroe intelligent suspension product portfolio.

These factory-installed systems are often marketed under the vehicle manufacturer’s suspension brand, such as Audi’s drive select system, BMW’s variable damper control and adaptive M suspensions, Infiniti’s digital dynamic suspension, Seat’s dynamic chassis control, and Volvo’s Four-C – but they were designed and manufactured with the help of Monroe engineers.

What each of these models have in common is a Monroe intelligent suspension technology known as continuously variable semi-active (CVSAe).

The system enables drivers to switch on-demand between different driving modes ranging from comfortable and refined to sporty.

CVSAe technology and other Monroe intelligent suspension solutions have helped transform the driving experience for an entire generation of vehicle owners.

The benefits of adaptive suspension technology are obvious.

But what happens when replacement dampers are needed for these sophisticated electronic suspensions?

Monroe, the manufacturer of Monroe intelligent suspension products for the original equipment market, now offers a broad range of premium-quality adaptive shock absorbers for the replacement market.

These shocks – marketed under the Monroe intelligent suspension RideSense name – feature the same technology as the original equipment electronic shocks found on each of dozens of popular vehicle models.

Available through the same leading parts and service providers that carry and install Monroe OESpectrum, Monroe Original and Monroe Adventure passive shock absorbers, Monroe Intelligent Suspension RideSense electronic shocks provide seamless, “plug-and-play” integration with the corresponding vehicle’s ECU.

The ECU manages a variety of sensor inputs to adapt the shocks’ damping characteristics to driver preference and changing road conditions, a process that occurs in as little as 10 milliseconds, providing exceptional ride quality in a full range of driving situations.

Following the installation of new Monroe Intelligent Suspension RideSense shocks, drivers can count on their adaptive suspensions to perform much as they did when their vehicles were brand new.

But, as with any shock replacement, Monroe Intelligent Suspension RideSense electronic shocks should always be installed in pairs to ensure original equipment (OE) style ride and handling performance.

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